Prescription Glasses

Providing quality prescription glasses in Tauranga

Your search for quality prescription glasses in Tauranga NZ ends at Fraser Street Optometrists. We offer an extensive range of optometric products to help you achieve clear vision. Whether you have astigmatism or a mild case of hyperopia, our optometrists will provide a high-standard care solution for your condition.

At Fraser Street Optometrists, we ensure patients receive personalised plans for their eye care solutions. You will undergo a full consultation to determine the appropriate options for your prescription glasses. During your first consultation, the attending optometrist will request your detailed eye care history and conduct a preliminary eye testing.
Following the initial consultation and tests, we will conduct a comprehensive eye exam to determine the right frame and lens for your glasses. We provide the best choices that cater to your needs:
  • Magnifiers
  • Safety and transition lenses
  • Single vision lenses
  • Low vision aids
  • Sports and shooting glasses
Once you're satisfied with your prescription glasses, our optometrist will fit your frame and lenses to get the right adjustment for your vision.

Fraser Street Optometrists cares for your satisfaction as much as we do for your eyes. We provide a warm welcome to every patient and make every visit a pleasant experience. Don't let blurry vision get in the way of your everyday routine. Schedule an appointment with our optometrists today and get clear vision all the way!
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