Providing Comprehensive and Reliable Eye Tests in Tauranga

Fraser Street Optometrists offers a range of services to ensure your vision remains in good condition. We give you the answer to your specific eye problem and provide you the right optometric product for continuous maintenance. To ensure you receive the right solution, we provide an eyesight test in our Tauranga practice. If you need to get an eye test in Tauranga, book in with Fraser Street Optometrists today

The Go-to Optometry Practice in Town

The family team at Fraser Street Optometrists is proud to be the first choice for many people in Tauranga and surrounding areas. We take pride in having decades of experience and training in high-standard eye care solution, which attest to our solid reputation and growing patient base. 

Our patients appreciate the consistent and thorough treatment they receive from start to finish and we believe you will too. We offer total eye care, including in-depth examinations, in addition to a range of superb spectacles, contact lenses and more to fit your requirements. 

Individually Tailored Solutions

Fraser Street Optometrists conduct comprehensive eye exams to ensure that you get the best solution to your needs. On your first visit, we will get a bit of background on your medial history before proceeding with the test. An eye test usually involves an assessment of your eyes’ structure, movement and coordination and your distance, near and intermediate vision.

If we find that you need prescription glasses or contact lenses, or that you need a change in your current vision aid’s specification, we will proceed to frame selection or lens fitting. You can be confident that we’ll create a relaxing, hassle-free experience throughout your visit. We can also advise you on how often you should have an eye test, depending on your eyes’ current situation.

Ready for your first visit?

Don’t suffer from headaches and blurred vision. Feel free to call us on 07 578 4316 today and speak with our friendly reception staff about arranging a consultation for your eye exam. You can also call us for eye test costs or for more information about what we have to offer.


Is your vision starting to get foggy? Are you having trouble distinguishing things from a certain distance? Are you constantly experiencing eyestrain and headaches? Eye problems may lead to more issues if neglected, and this is what we aim to prevent.  

Sharing over 40 years’ experience in optometrist care, we can help you with all your eye related concerns. As members of the NZAO, NZSCLP and Glaucoma NZ, we have expertise in a large number of vision concerns you may be experiencing, including:

• Astigmatism 
• Myopia 
• Hyperopia 
• Diabetes 
 • Dry eyes 
 • Presbyopia 
 • Cataracts 
 • Low vision 
• Shooting lenses 
• Macular degeneration 
• Glaucoma 
Excellent range of eyeglasses, contact lenses and more in Tauranga


Don’t know where to go for an eye test in Tauranga?

We welcome you to visit us for a consultation to examine your  visual concerns. You will be dealing with an expert optometrist who will give you the attention and care you deserve. Our optometrists provide personalised eye care plans to suit your specific needs. We are proud to offer:

• Full consultations and eye tests
• Children’s consultations 
• Contact lens fitting and refitting 
• Domiciliary visits 
• Fundus photographs 
• OCT scan 
• Visual fields examination 


If we determine that you require optometric products and care following your eyesight test, we can walk you through your options and recommend the best solution to suit you. Our range of products and prescription glasses includes:

• Single Vision lenses 
• Progressives 
• Trifocals 
• Bifocals 
• Transition lenses 
• Frames 
• Magnifiers 
• Sports glasses 
• Shooting lenses 
• Safety lenses 
• Contact lenses 
• Contact lens solutions 
• Prescription sunglasses 
• Low vision aids 
• Lubricant eye drops 

Call us today! 07 578 4316

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